"I think that when people don't know gays and lesbians as human beings, 
it's easier to feel that they shouldn't have equal rights." 
-Perez Hilton via Larry King Live


  1. so unbelievably true! ♥

  2. I would like to clarify a few things about the debate going on about homosexual marriage. First of all, as a Christian I agree with Jessica that it clearly states in the Bible that homosexuality is a sin. However, no where in the Bible does it say that homosexuality is any more of a sin than any other sin. I am just as sinful as any other human being and therefore I am wicked, but I am washed clean by the blood of Christ. I acknowlage that homosexuality is a sin, but with repentance it too can be forgiven. I know that Jessica feels the same way about this. Christ commands us to love the sinner but hate the sin. It is totally unfair to claim that because someone believes this act is sinful that we do not see these people as human. We are all sinful human beings and need Christ.

    Another point I would like to make is that Christians believe that homosexual marriage is wrong because of what the Bible states. If you are not a Christian, then I would understand why you would not see a problem with this.

    I would also like to point out that I do believe that homosexuality is something that people can be born with. I personally know someone that is gay and he is a Christian so he struggles to not give in to his sinful desires. We all have issues that we struggle with.

    If you claim to be a Christian, and I think that you do, I would challenge you to argue your point using the Bible. Basing your beliefs off emotion can be very dangerous. Remember that there is no reason why you can't love a person and disagree with their lifestyle at the same time. As Christians we are sent into this world to spread the good news of Christ. It is important for us to recognize what behavior is sinful so that we can be repentant and turn from it. We should be lovingly encouraging eachother to do the same, not matter what sin we struggle with.

    I am not writting this to stir things up, I just think that it is possible to have a healthy debate. I'll be looking forward to your response.

  3. I originally wrote something long and quite endearingly emotional, might I add. However, I decided to scratch it. I owe nothing to you, anonymous person. And if Jessica (and you) have a problem with how I believe that my sister should have the same rights as me, then fine. I'm not going to lose the sleep. I was very, very angry and upset when I read the verses Jessica chose to post on her blog. I really mean it - my heart was racing, my hands were shaking. I was shocked by how words from the Bible could hurt so much. I felt that post was aimed at me and my personal beliefs. Narcissistic? Nah. Anyway, I called my Mom. She always calms me down. She told me I had to forgive Jessica. And she is right.

    The truth is, I am a very proud, yet subtle gay activist. If one wishes to convince someone of their beliefs, throwing a few Bible verses here or there is not the way to do it. You'll just scare the hell out of them. Literally.

    I will quietly go about my life believing what I know. I'll blog about furniture, the occasional cool find at Anthropologie and how much I love Edward Cullen. And about my husband and his strange air violin ways. It comes down to this: You don't know me. And apparently, neither does Jessica. Quit reading my blog if you have a problem. I'll do the same.

  4. Why is the Bible something to be upset about? To me that is a sign of much much deeper issues... Don't worry I won't be reading your blog again, but I think its very said if you can't have friends that have different views as you. Jessica wrote her thoughts about Miss California and it had absolutely nothing to do with you. You brought that on yourself by getting upset and all she did was give solid support for her views which is more than I can say for anything you have written. You won't be hearing from me again.

  5. Thank GOD!
    Thanks Therapist Pabor.

  6. I'm sorry to jump in! I know it must have hurt you to read the words of God regarding homosexuality, the bible itself aknowledges this "for the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow."

    I think it also hurts because God is not fully revered in our day. We like to think of him as all loving, and then by extension, as being very permissive. I think that that is why a lot of Christians compromise the word of God, and try to say that sin is ok.

    The thing is, Christ came to bring us LOVE, which we all know well, but also TRUTH, which we like to ignore in our day and age. I think that people have been mislead and finding out the truth about his mighty character can be a little bit frightening the first time.

    He brings the TRUTH to us to set us free from sin. He tells us not to do certain things, not because he wants to deny us pleasure, but because he wants to save us from the consquences of sin, which always hurt us.

    And homosexuality is no different from any other sin, and there are consequences to homosexuality that hurt not only the person themselves, but also those around them like any children they may have. God is so compassionate and loving always, I promise you, there is no need to feel guilt when you struggle with these things if you are in him!

    You said that nothing scares you like the Bible. Its scary because you recognize the truth in it, and at the same time its so different from your current point of view. You don't have to know all of the answers to become a Christian. The gift of knowing God is free to everyone who believes and aknowledges him as Lord. I urge you to accept the gift of his salvation, and take up your problems with him directly! You can still be saved and not understand and struggle with things, but that's ok! He's big enough that he can handle your anger, frustration, even when its initially directed at him. You don't have to have all of your sins washed away BEFORE you come to him or even immediately after. Its a slow process (a good visual for mine would be a sloth), and there could be sins that he decides to take, even homosexuality.

    You sweet girl! I'm so sorry to jump in, I just will be praying for you and for your sister all day.

  7. I think we should all remember GOD IS LOVE.
    At the end of the day, I have been blessed to know many different people...gay, straight, black, white, Asian. My Mum taught me to love everyone that crosses my path and I try my best on a daily basis to live by what she taught me through her Love for the Lord.
    Seeing as how Leah is one of my closest friends, I know that it's a struggle for her to try to explain what her sister goes through everyday. What I love about the Lord is that He meets you right where you are every moment, only HE can see your heart.
    Who am I to judge? Absolutely no one. At the end of the day, everyone has an opinion, it's how you express it that matters most.

  8. WOW, I think it is time to put this one to bed. Leah, what a truly honorable person you are, thank you for having the strength to speak out of the love in your heart and from the courage of your convictions. I can only believe that Jessica and those who spend hateful energy on this topic will have a chance to be ashamed of themselves sooner or later. You are a beautiful example of God's love and let that continue to lead you :)

  9. what an ass hole. ;)

    i dont care what people do as long as it doesn't HURT other people, animals, plants, or any other wonderful creature...just let me enjoy my vodka-seven and watch my south park...live your life and i'll live mine! Cool.

    Leah: word. much love. hippo. Lt. dangle loves you!

  10. Alexis, Christy & Jenn I couldn't have said it better myself!! ♥