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"I think that when people don't know gays and lesbians as human beings, 
it's easier to feel that they shouldn't have equal rights." 
-Perez Hilton via Larry King Live


best cover of poker face.
on a harmonica!!!!
you will freak.
wait for the chorus!


rompers are so in

and i'm so getting one.


affirming IT

one of my co-worker's told me about a way of thinking called "affirmation". 
it's when you want something in your life - whether it be professionally or personally.
you affirm it to yourself through thoughts in the present tense.
for example: you would say to yourself, internally: "i am the ______, i am the ______".
it's not only about putting these thoughts out there, but it's about you believing them.
if you were to say: "i will be the ______" or "i want to be a ______"  it's not quite the same.
i was doing that before i heard about affirmation.
i can't get enough of it and i think it gives me a more positive energy.
T has been doing it, too.
it is a really interesting way of thinking about your life and how you can make 
the choice each day to think about what and who you are.


fun at the arboretum
a hydrangea tree!!!
(hydrangeas were our main wedding flower)
i spot a timmy.
hansel & gretel's pad. this house creeps me out. see the gingerbread
man in the window????
see the bride?
twas a pretty day.


leah = __________ on urbandictionary.com

To describe something of such superb standards it almost cannot be described 
by any word or sentence or onomatopoeia in the English language.
Oh man, look at that Leah!
She soooo sexy!!!!
Biblical name: Hebrew origin, meaning "Gazelle" which is "beauty and grace",
 "also worthy cow" as in biblical days cows were very valuable and treasured.
(noun) to be a sexy attractive piece of meat

(verb) to produce sexual healing to another
"That chick is soo Leah!"
"My girlfriend gave me some Leah last night- it was AWESOME"
HAHA! T and i have been typing in friends names for the last 30 minutes and laughing so hard. some of them are very endearing and innocent - others notsomuch. it is extremely entertaining. erica - your name was probably the best one we saw! also, galen was pretty good, too. 
p.s. i was selective in what i chose to share with you. 
there were other definitions as well. but we won't go there.