to all pet owners...

upon seeing this on postsecret this morning,
i burst into tears and could not stop crying.
i want my bubby to know - we would never 
leave you in that room all by yourself.
if you have a beloved pet, i know you must feel the same.



we're going to see them the 7th of october.
kings of leon, that is.
an anniversary gift from a & k.
i haven't been this excited about a band in quite some time.
i leave you with lyrics.
"someone like you, and all you know, and how you speak"


the 1st year

champagne? yes please.
the cake replica!!!!!! (3rd tier of the original) hands down...it was
the BEST cake we have ever eaten. it was well worth the wait after all.
2 marrieds & 2 engageds. my BG (stands for baby girl, which = alexis)
gave the sweetest toast to us on our 1 year.
can't wait for their big day.  :)  :)
also, i just realized i failed to get a picture of her BEAUTIFUL engagement ring.
shame on me!!!!! really though, kyle did an amazing job!


the 6th of September

once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, 
love gives us a fairy tale.
today marks our 1 year wedding anniversary.
i have learned so very much.
about T, myself, the treatment of others, the universe.
YES, the universe!
what a beautiful thing marriage is, really.
i wouldn't have married anyone else...
happy 1 year to my darling of a husband.


my sweet baby girl Alexis got engaged last night.
to Mr. Kyle Lane.
who i just adore.
can't wait to see the zinger!!!!!!!!!!!