proud as hell Jobin lover

you could say i have a thing.
a thing for...
...jason segel.
he's of freaks and geeks, i love you, man fame.
and oh man do i have a crush.



you've come to a fork in the road, all right. though this fork might look more like a starfish -- with choices leading in nearly every direction. which way do you go? north? west? north by northwest? east? you can always turn around and go back down the road you came from, you know. instead of feeling overwhelmed by all these possibilities, embrace them. in all likelihood, each path you could choose holds its very own joys and sorrows.


shit. i forgot just how good the 
romeo + juliet soundtrack was.
the movie too, of course.


august 8

the scene: las vegas.
the dress: spanish with a dash of flamenco-esque.
the bride: a true beauty.
the day: perfect.
to come: a short film for my dear Lydia.


time to
it up for a long weekend.
back from VEGAS sunday evening!



i found some vintage las vegas postcards on a flickr stream.
we leave thursday a.m.
i'm thinking vegas looks a little different now.
we can hardly wait to see it all first hand!
our hotel!