a little L

when i got married, i gave each of my bridesmaids
a hand painted porcelain ring dish adorned with their first initial.
(ever since then, i have wanted one of my own!)
saturday night, we went to hang out with our friends alexis & kyle.
alexis told me she had a card and a little present for me.
she wrote me a sweet little card and then placed this in my hand:

what a friend! it was such the sweet surprise for my weekend!
these darling ring dishes are designed by anne marie murray porcelain
and can be found at the most random little boutiques.
let me tell you, it was truly a labor of love for me to track these down back in 2008.
i originally saw them in a wedding magazine 
but the number listed led me to a NYC boutique.
i then got the anne marie murray name from them,
 which a.m.m. happens to be wholesale only.
trust me, i tried to buy directly from them and they were not having it! 
i finally was able to get a listing of dallas boutiques that carried the ring dishes.
so, it has been a long road (and love affair) for me.  
and now, i finally have my own little L.
i bought my 'maids ring dishes here in dallas at write selection.
alexis found my L at lawrence's in fort worth.


john derian, i love you

have you heard of john derian?
it is a collection of the cutest trays, paperweights, post cards, plates and the 
occasional to-die-for pieces of furniture.
do enjoy.

glass paperweight

obviously, john derian must be a pug owner...

pug choir paperweight

pug conductor!


i'm about to get real controversial.

but i think you'll live.

i really liked the tiger woods commercial.
also, i really like that erykah badu song that has the crazy video.
get over it!