so this past week...
we bought a new dining table.
i got a dress i will maybe have the rest of my life.
(jenn, is that dramatic? haha)
i turned 26.
wait, no...27.
i saw the faces of some of my most favorite people on this earth.
i drank a very high number of extra dirty martinis. and also learned how to finally make them!
i sang aerosmith's "dream on" in public.
i got a bunch of new music, thanks to skinner.
 a 3 month old baby attended my birthday dinner.
you could say it was an amazing week.
i am thankful for the memories.



the reed's

i just wrapped up whitney and jonathan's wedding film.
they had such a beautiful wedding and their overall
love story is beautiful as well.
i just love this couple.
so happy they are in my life!