thank a veteran, a soldier, a marine or a naval aviator today.
happy memorial day.


i get to see her this weekend:
and no, not at my local strip club.
(i don't even know where my local strip club is.
and i don't know why i am referring to it as
"my" local strip club. haha)
she's coming to visit!!!
with K.L.!
here's the man in her life:
and again:
ok, so he doesn't really have a mullet. (unfortch)
BUT, he sure loves that dang wig!
here's a normal picture:
they are my favs.



there is this little thrift shop down the street off ross. there is a huge sign
out front with the above title. 
my little chirp (amanda)  found this absolutely ridiculously amazingly
showstopping antler table - for like $40.
seriously, folks. these things retail for about 1G. that's 1,000 big ones.
here's the before:
she painted it white!
with its apothecary-ish jar.
just faboo.
simply faboo.


this last one is dedicated to my darling husband.
because it is the truth.
actually, they are all for him.


lesson learned and the wheels keep turning - the killers

behold, the latest video from the killers, "the world we live in". brandon flowers is hot,
per usual and he is smiling more than he normally does. the scenery is nice, but it's fairly
lazy for the most part. however, there is a nice "vegas vacation"/clark griswold
reference towards the end. (i think.) hoover dam, anyone?
hopefully this won't get kicked off youtube in the next 10 minutes. if so, i will hunt it down and re-post.


new patio chairs!
they are baby blue (!) and authentically retro.
the table is coming next weekend. boo ya!


i heard a rumor that you quit this day and age -t.k.

 lydia introduced me to modcloth .
it is pimp. nuff said.

"june carter cash" dress

"designing women" dress

that always happens to me.

"strawberry shortcake"

i would love to have a place to wear these lace gloves!

you know how i feel about rompers.

i've been considering a jumpsuit as of late.
vegas here i come?


it's almost a must that you be listening to
"landmines" by st. vincent will browsing these pictures -
care of wisteria.
thank you to chirp for sharing the obsession.
i hope to shop there a lot.
one day...
le sigh.
i could actually afford this beautiful cross piece.
this is actually called "did someone say drama" candleholder. looooove.
sweet little cherub. i've had this angel obsession lately... 
every home should have some. they make me feel safe.
it's a whale!!!!
chirp's favorite.
just for divo! you should put this in your home. it is darling.


"When you are a mother, you are never really alone
in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice,
once for herself and once for her child."
Sophia Loren


hello pretty birdy.
 we need some new (old) patio furniture. i love these kinds of 1950s chairs.
i saw some at this resale shop off ross the other day...
perhaps yellow? found this on ebay!