you missed...

i love this clip from "Elf". it is such a sweet movie and i adore this song!


dallas/fort worth pug rescue

we are so honored to be featured on their blog!!!


vitamin string quartet

 this is dedicated to christy and galen.
what a wonderful wedding. i am so glad to have been a part of it! pictures to come.


some of christy (and my) favourite things

my best friend is getting married this saturday. she has such great taste, so i've decided to post some things off her registry that i love. lucky for her, she has received most of these things as wedding gifts!
tea kettle
cute napkin rings
monique lhuillier china
 waterford vintage wine glasses 

vera wang
cake platter
i have these and love 'em! 
this is classic christy taste
olive trivet. i have 2! 




25 and alive! i feel really sensational about this birthday. i have not been so excited about a birthday since the 21st. i think it's going to a fabulous year. 
cheers to you, 25. 


in one month (!!!!!!!!!!!!) we will be on this beach.


urban love

i wear my sunglasses at night...
love this color.
this would be amazing at the foot of a bed.
thanks, jenn for recommending this darling mirrored piece!
and much more affordable than anthro.


i don't really know how to describe what i saw last night. it truly was remarkable. people had come out like never before to vote. mainly, for one person. people believe in him in a time that we are desperate for answers and i'm going to say it -- change. he is our president, let's respect him. it is time for a new leader and a new party. let's respect his time. he is there for a reason.


if you are a presidential candidate, do you vote for yourself?
i was watching the today show this morning after T and i had visited the polls and they showed footage of obama voting in chicago. i just wondered...who was he voting for? would you vote for yourself?



this is right after we BTHO texas. the students rushed the field and this is an amazing clip of the mayhem that is indeed, TTU football at its very finest.
i am damn proud to be an alum!