it is what it is!

lydia got engaged on friday! i'm not sure if she even reads my blog, but on the off chance she does, i've posted this old school video in honor of her and paula abdul, of course. congrats y'all! viva las vegas!!!!!


so the chair featured in this picture has become all i can think about. you know when you see something in a store you MUST MUST have? and if you don't buy it, it's all you can think about -- everyday -- all day long. well, maybe that's just me? i am almost positive it is from pier1 (but there is a possibility it is not) anyway, i have been looking ALLLLLL over the internet for this chair so i could post it on here. i even went to pier1 yesterday (ok, i was buying amanda some cute green birthday birds) but while there, i slyly took a picture with my phone so i could show my co-workers and t. in case you didn't know, pier1's website sucks big time. the chair is called "the vivian" and i plan to purchase it during our furniture overhaul -- which will be happening soon, i hope.

zapatos y purses


gianni bini.
steven by steve madden.
christian louboutin.
anthropologie. wowza.
valentino, neiman marcus.
miu miu, neiman marcus.
juicy couture, neiman marcus. doesn't this look like audrina from the hills?


lucky me.

               Dior, Nordstrom. This is the best make up I've ever used.
               You spray it on your face and even it out with a brush.
               We used it at the wedding. Then I went and bought some.
               $60 and worth every damn penny.


potterybarn. le sigh.

anthro love

all from anthropologie

i would wear this as a dress but it is really an apron!


a little bit of the killers for your friday. happy weekending.

i take my twist with a shout
a coffee shop with no cause,
man, i'll freak you out.
no sex, no drugs, no life, no love

stay if you want to love me, stay
oh don't be shy
let's cause a scene
like lovers do, on silver screens
let's make it, yeah we'll cause a scene

it's indie rock and roll for me

ikea. i saw 2 women at ikea the other day with this painting in their shopping cart. i thought "ohh i love that". then i remembered i was married and it might be weird to have a mermaidish naked woman on our wall. then i figure those girls were probably gay so it was okay for them to display it. this is how i think. i know.

fuze. i drink the green tea everyday. it has the same amount of antioxidants equivalent to 2 servings of vegetables!



steve madden. aka hot.


My sweet friend and co-worker, Brian had to put his canine companion of almost 16 years down this morning. Della was an SPCA rescue and Brian has donated to the SPCA every month for years. Our office is making a donation to the SPCA in memory of Della. Please hug your bubby today.
"Because no one has the right to deny another their life even though they disagree with it, because everyone has the right to live the life they so desire if it doesn't harm another and because discrimination has no place in America, my vote will be for equality and against Proposition 8." -Brad Pitt courtesy of people.com

I've been saying for a long time how in 10-20 years (I hope it doesn't take that long) we'll all look back on the days before gay marriage was legal and think what bigots we all were. Just like when African Americans couldn't drink from the same water fountain as white people and when women could not vote. It needs to stop.


Coming soon to our apartment (potentially)

crate and barrel. it's pink!

ikea. $5! framed it, hanging it up outside our bedroom door. bubby!

ikea. hanging in our living room now. (t said they were loud.)

ikea. i love this but not so sure where i would put it.

macy's. not this color though. maybe fawn or cappucino.