mirror, mirror

maybe it was the pug shout outs from zgallerie yesterday that has drawn me in, but i am officially obsessed...with the...borghese collection from zgallerie. i was there today and came across these amazing pieces. yes, it is all mirrored furniture. i posted some pier 1 mirrored furniture a few weeks ago that i am thinking of buying. although the borghese is not in our price range, i can still dream, right? if you ever win the lottery, buying me any/all of these pieces would be most appreciated!

borghese buffet. i love the antique touch this has.
end table.

not part of the borghese, but love these mirrored/modern shelves. 


z gallerie has a thing for pugs.
jewelry box. 
pug pillow. adorable! 
wilson the pug(s). these guys could be book ends maybe. 
my fav. 
this made my day! it is hilarious.


"burn after reading" = weird. we saw it the night it came out. i was very, very excited about this movie. we loved brad pitt and he should showcase his comedic timing more often. it was definitely a coen brothers movie, but i expected a little more. i think the thing about this movie was i didn't know whether to laugh, be insulted, close my eyes or walk out. i will say that i was entertained. oddly entertained. check it out for the sake of pitt and frances mcdormand.


viva to the vegas! as i posted a couple weeks ago, my friend lydia got engaged. i received a las vegas postcard in the mail the other day from lydia asking me to be one of her bridesmaids. i was so honored! of course, i accepted and can't wait for the big day! t and i have never been to las vegas, so we can't wait. funny sidenote: i called my mom to tell her about the postcard (very creative, i must say, lyd!) and she was very impressed - she said, "I can't believe Lydia went to Vegas to send out those postcards!" i failed to mention she had probably just ordered the postcards...ha!


 happy 21st, linds! today is my sister-in-law's birthday. she is such a beauty outside (obviously!) and inside. i just love her.  i am so thankful to have her in my life. she is genuine, thoughtful and a true friend. linds, i love you so much. happy birthday!


i read this for the book club i am in. it was such an inspiring story. it brings out the humanity our world is capable of and that is something we just don't hear enough about. please read it. it is a true story. if you happen to reside or grew up near fort worth, tx, you will recognize a lot of the places in this book.


happy 24th birthday, jho!!!! i love love this girl so much. we've been bff's since the 4th grade. this picture is the epitome of what it's like when we're together.  


you say it's your birthday!
dunna nunna nunna nunnaaaa
we're gonna have a good time!
happy 26th, T!


in about two months, i will be on this beach.
punta cana, d.r.


and built you an empire

pier1. mirrored dresser. i love how timeless and neutral this is. i hope to have it in our bedroom shortly. we are struggling with a lack of closet space crisis and in
 dire need of a new dresser!

pier 1. matching nightstand. i'm starting to realize i'm not really into matchy/matchy furniture, so i probably won't buy this. but it's cute, regardless.
 on a completely different note, angels & airwaves is such a great band. if you haven't heard some of their music, i encourage you to check them out. the band was formed by tom delonge (of blink-182 fame) a few years ago. they sound nothing like blink-182. except you can tell it's tom. they are so good. one of my favourites is "breathe" which was played on the hills the other night. do yourself a favor and download some of their music.


art is art is art

potterybarn. i am by no means "country", but something about this photo gets me. maybe it's the tx in me. if we ever live out of state (i mean, when we live out of state) i would hang this in our home.

potterybarn. i could find a place for these. 
zgallerie. warholism. yes, andy. it is possible.  


pier1. it's the official vivian!!! i found it on their website the other day. it will be in our apartment. eventually.