liberatingly scary

is this not amazing?
it made my otherwise uninteresting (yet very interesting) week.
thanks to my chirp!

i am on the job hunt for the first time in about 3 years.
it is scary.
our agency lost some business, so there were imminent and unfortunate layoffs to be had.
i am one. of many.
please say a prayer for all of my friends to find jobs in this tough economy.
i am now forced to get the job i WANT.
now, that is some shit to booh yah about.
don't be sorry.
i'm looking forward to where i will land.


well, friends.
the time has come.
to fly away.
be back in a week.
flight tomorrow is at 6 am.
o u c h.
i have never seen clear/blue water before in person.
it will be:
comme un reve.


i am starting this book on saturday, en route to our honeymoon.
just hearing from other people who have read this, i'm thinking i may read it between our 2 flights and 1 layover alone. i also plan to buy the second one this week because i've heard i won't be able to stop! this excites me.


jacqueline bouvier kennedy's wedding dress. worn on september 12, 1953.
i love ray lamontagne. he is outstanding. the strings are amazing.


this note was folded up in my lunch box today:
pretty much made my day. i have a husband who sometimes makes my lunch! and apparently writes me little notes, too.