nothing's gonna change my world

can you name the movie this video is derived from?
i think the first scene gives it away.

Jai guru de va, jai guru de va
Jai guru de va, jai guru de va 


mayhaps with the tax return....
i shall get these:
you know how i feel about anything mirrored.
i am amazed with pier1. they have come a long way...these pieces are to die for! 
neutrally divine.
via c&b.


T's dad is fine. he had surgery on friday and it went well.


T's dad is sick.
he went to the ER tonight. he has a serious staph infection called mrsa.
he has to go into surgery tomorrow.
please say a prayer for my father in law.
T and his parents circa late '80s


every sunday, i read post secret. today they were mostly valentine-y.
this was by far my favourite. it's not mine. although i wish i had thought of it.


i want to be locked in a birdcage with you

i've been wanting a birdcage as of late.
maybe a pink one.
or maybe one where robert pattinson is conveniently involved.

ay yi yiiii.
so i may have just gone from wanting a birdcage to a robert pattinson tangent.
something tells me you don't mind.


can you read my mind

T and his momma.
circa late 80s.


someone told me there's a girl out there
with love in her eyes
and flowers 
in her hair.
led zeppelin
circa 1990


over and out
 last call for sin
while everyone's lost
the battle is won
with all these things that I've done
the killers