affirming IT

one of my co-worker's told me about a way of thinking called "affirmation". 
it's when you want something in your life - whether it be professionally or personally.
you affirm it to yourself through thoughts in the present tense.
for example: you would say to yourself, internally: "i am the ______, i am the ______".
it's not only about putting these thoughts out there, but it's about you believing them.
if you were to say: "i will be the ______" or "i want to be a ______"  it's not quite the same.
i was doing that before i heard about affirmation.
i can't get enough of it and i think it gives me a more positive energy.
T has been doing it, too.
it is a really interesting way of thinking about your life and how you can make 
the choice each day to think about what and who you are.

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