boy howdy daily

so 2 girlfriends and i have started up a new blog.
basically, we were sending each other iphone 
pics of our outfits everyday and we thought
"this should be a blog."
so boy howdy daily was born.
enjoy it.



i'm not sure why, but this was one of my favorites
from postsecret this last week.

maybe it's because it's so personal and most of them tell their secrets.
this leaves more up to the imagination.
and hell, i really want to know what fiona's sister is up to.


so this past week...
we bought a new dining table.
i got a dress i will maybe have the rest of my life.
(jenn, is that dramatic? haha)
i turned 26.
wait, no...27.
i saw the faces of some of my most favorite people on this earth.
i drank a very high number of extra dirty martinis. and also learned how to finally make them!
i sang aerosmith's "dream on" in public.
i got a bunch of new music, thanks to skinner.
 a 3 month old baby attended my birthday dinner.
you could say it was an amazing week.
i am thankful for the memories.



the reed's

i just wrapped up whitney and jonathan's wedding film.
they had such a beautiful wedding and their overall
love story is beautiful as well.
i just love this couple.
so happy they are in my life!


his 9 month journey

about 2 or 3 times a week, my dear sweet friend preeti
allowed me to film the profile of her baby bump for the duration of her pregnancy.
(i think she may have thought i was crazy at times!)
but the end result is this film.
it's a treasure to me as much as it is to her.
his 9 month journey from leah spencer on Vimeo.


year 28

my hubs is 28 today. happy birthday to the sweetest, most loving guy around!!!!
i just love him.
he doesn't read my blog, so i have put up my most favorite picture of him.
you may notice that girl is not me in the picture with him.
that is divo. aka christy, my bff.
this was taken almost 3 years ago at a NYE party.
he's just so happy in this picture and it makes me laugh every time i see it.
so much so, i have a copy in my car.
happy birthday TIMMY !!!!
you always make me smile.



my dear sweet friend whitney got married on saturday.
i cannot describe how beautiful she was!
luckily, i have some pictures to share.
whitney and i have worked together and known each other for about a year and a half.
we became instant friends. (we shared a cubicle!)
i was excited everyday to come to work because i got to sit with this sweet girl.
she is the epitome of grace.

whit, preeti and i

kristen with arnav, preeti's baby boy

a wedding film of 9.18.2010 is to come...
i love you, whitney reed!



i can't believe it has been 2 years.
i think about 9.6.2008 so many times everyday.
i loved every second.
happy anniversary to my husband!


do you want to go to alexis and kyle's wedding?

i just wrapped up my baby girl's wedding film.
i hope you love her day as much as i did.
it was just beautiful.

i love you alexis and kyle!!!!

a landry/lane garden wedding from leah spencer on Vimeo.


a year ago this weekend...

we were in vegas having one hell of a time.
danelle got pink eye.
erica got altitude sickness? we think?
bridget got food poisoning.
i earned a pronounced limp with my right knee.
but most important of all.....
lydia and mark got married!
i have never shared their wedding film on my blog, so without further adieu...
lyd -  i love you and happy 1 year anni to you and mark!!!

lydia/mark vegas wedding from leah spencer on Vimeo.


platinum with a pop of yellow

as i've recently mentioned, we are moving soon.
as in saturday.
boo ya!
ok, so here are my ideas on our bedroom. i am really excited about decorating this new place.
actually, funnnnny sidenote. my parents were in town this weekend and we decided to go by
our new place to show them. my dad checked the side door and it happened to be unlocked.
and we happened to go inside.
i was worried about this one pale blue wall in our bedroom with the color scheme i am about to share.
but if you know me at all, i am not into being matchy matchy.
so bring it on pale blue wall.

 duvet + shams from west elm.

manly striped sheets for T. west elm, as well.

freaking amazing pillow with yellow rosettes!

cute pattern on the back. i already bought 2 of these. from target(!!!!!!!!)

and lastly, the trollsta from ikea. i showed this to my sis-in-law, lindsey 
and she said, "leah, only you would have yellow nightstands in your bedroom!"
haha this is true. but i love them. i may only get 1 as it is quite jarring.
or maybe 2.


so most of you know i am into doing short films.
mainly random things, friends weddings (no, i'm not open for business - haha).
i recently did a film on "the twinks", my twin niece and nephew.

do enjoy!

the twinks! from leah spencer on Vimeo.


CB2 has the best pillows.
we are moving soon, so i've got home decor on the mind again......
it's a pillow show!

"laugh" is one i really may buy.

these would make great gifts. i would give the above "taxi cab london" to jenn.

i would give "taxi cab india" to preeti.

 and "taxi cab mexico" would go to daisy.


Santa B

we just spent a week in santa barbara with my bro, his wife and their sweet twins.
aka "the twinks".
it was a delight.
i haven't thought about work in 12 days.
i can't tell you how much my brain needed this break!
this is oliver. he is a soft coated wheaten terrier.
we stayed with tara's aunt and uncle and this is their dog.
we fell in love.
aubrey. look at her smile!


for the Dads

this is the card i got my dad for father's day.
it couldn't be more true.
and for a new dad this year - my brother, justin.
this has to be my favorite picture of him with the twins - EVER.
happy father's day!


i carry your heart

yesterday, my dear sweet alexis got married to the love of her life, kyle.
it was an evening garden wedding off an unsuspecting country road near our hometown.
i don't have many pictures as i was filming the whole time.
but...i did happen to snap a couple of pictures from my iphone.
june 12th was wonderful, magical and completely full of love.
i will share their wedding film with you as soon as i am done.

i leave with you my favorite quote for alexis and kyle:
"once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, 
love gives us a fairy tale."