I have multiple people to thank on this Memorial Day:
Justin, Larry Jr, Grandpa, Pops, Uncle Steve, Galen, Catherine, Eric, Jeremy, Todd.
Thank you for your service.

"Let freedom reign. The sun never set on so glorious a human achievement."
Nelson Mandela


tiny & tiny!

i got to meet them.
they are perfect.
and uber tiny!
little lady, aubrey.

sweet colton.

he happens to look exactly like his dad when he was a newborn.


my parents pug, bitsy. yes she got to come to california, too.
she's pictured here with george, tara's grandpa.

we'll be there again in a month for a longer stay.

all pictures taken with my iphone. amazing huh? download the camera bag app - you won't be disappointed. (thanks krog!)


what day is today? today is mother's day!

happy mother's day to my mom and baby sheils.



the twinks

the twinks have arrived!
my darling twin niece and nephew were born 
unto this world on wednesday, april 28.
they are beyond precious.
our california trip is planned for the end of june, but aunt leah can't wait that long.
so, we've been looking into flights for a quick trip in may.
i can't wait to kiss their tiny faces!



colton todd and aubrey hazel, i love you!
i can't wait to meet you!