here's to you!

i feel pretty damn good about the prospect of 2011.
here are some of my resolutions:
1. keep a healthy amount of peace in my heart...at all times. 
2. continue filming and learning new things about film and what 
kind of filmmaker i want to be.
3. find our "niche" at a nice Church. (thanks for that terminology, krog.)
4. truly workout more, dammit!
5. pay off debt, SAVE, LIVE!
how dave ramsey of me.

i like to say most of them i worked on.
still need to see coldplay live!


boy howdy daily

so 2 girlfriends and i have started up a new blog.
basically, we were sending each other iphone 
pics of our outfits everyday and we thought
"this should be a blog."
so boy howdy daily was born.
enjoy it.



i'm not sure why, but this was one of my favorites
from postsecret this last week.

maybe it's because it's so personal and most of them tell their secrets.
this leaves more up to the imagination.
and hell, i really want to know what fiona's sister is up to.


so this past week...
we bought a new dining table.
i got a dress i will maybe have the rest of my life.
(jenn, is that dramatic? haha)
i turned 26.
wait, no...27.
i saw the faces of some of my most favorite people on this earth.
i drank a very high number of extra dirty martinis. and also learned how to finally make them!
i sang aerosmith's "dream on" in public.
i got a bunch of new music, thanks to skinner.
 a 3 month old baby attended my birthday dinner.
you could say it was an amazing week.
i am thankful for the memories.



the reed's

i just wrapped up whitney and jonathan's wedding film.
they had such a beautiful wedding and their overall
love story is beautiful as well.
i just love this couple.
so happy they are in my life!