so most of you know i am into doing short films.
mainly random things, friends weddings (no, i'm not open for business - haha).
i recently did a film on "the twinks", my twin niece and nephew.

do enjoy!

the twinks! from leah spencer on Vimeo.


CB2 has the best pillows.
we are moving soon, so i've got home decor on the mind again......
it's a pillow show!

"laugh" is one i really may buy.

these would make great gifts. i would give the above "taxi cab london" to jenn.

i would give "taxi cab india" to preeti.

 and "taxi cab mexico" would go to daisy.


Santa B

we just spent a week in santa barbara with my bro, his wife and their sweet twins.
aka "the twinks".
it was a delight.
i haven't thought about work in 12 days.
i can't tell you how much my brain needed this break!
this is oliver. he is a soft coated wheaten terrier.
we stayed with tara's aunt and uncle and this is their dog.
we fell in love.
aubrey. look at her smile!