the must sees

my favorite movie ever.
sofia coppola also is my favorite director.
the aesthetics in marie antoinette are overwhelmingly feminine and breathtaking.
the fashion, the food, the love, the sex appeal.
i love every moment of this film.

you sometimes feel bad for laughing.
ryan gosling has a mustache & he is divine in this role.

another sofia coppola film. 
another kirsten dunst film.
pattern much?
the title of this film scared me for years, which is why i waited until recently to watch it for the first time. 
it didn't disturb me as much as i'd anticipated. which was a good thing.
the soundtrack is beyond. so is the film.

i've always loved this movie.
such a classic story. it really is the story in this that pulls you so close.
also, tim proposed to me right after watching this movie...
so i'm a bit of a fan.
and those last five minutes and of course, simon & garfunkel!

 my all time favorite scene resides in this film.
the party scene where they all take x. yes i know - sounds awful.
but the editing, the music, the ambiance of that scene.
you are there in that moment. a (drug free) bystander within that basement.
i'm a sucker for pretty much anything in slow and then fast motion, so you add some zero 7 and i'm in.
zach braff wrote, directed and starred.
what a badass!
the soundtrack is outstanding, as well.

PSH literally becomes truman capote in this movie.
i've watched it many times.
so much so, that i suggested we read "in cold blood" to my book club for march's book.
i got some weird looks.
nah, it's fine. i'll read it on my own time.

i used to have to sit through some of the most ridiculous movies on tv when i lived with my parents.
westerns, old black and white movies - you name it - i've probably seen it.
my mother loooooves the film, on golden pond.
she made me watch this when i was probably in my freshman year of college.
i secretly fell in love with it.
my pride didn't want her to know.
i've seen it several times since then and love it even more.
maybe i'll buy my mom this movie for her birthday this year.


are scrunchi's making a come back??

could it be?
love the SATC reference, francesca's!



this may be the best song lyric there ever was

you're the piece of gold that flashes on my soul.

for jenn


they'll name a city after us and later say it's all our fault -regina spektor

have you seen "500 days of summer"?
it is excellent.
please watch.


you thought you might be a ghost!

ok, so coldplay is probably my favorite band - ever.
i always love love love their music.
whether it's from parachutes or viva la vida.
however, they can have dark moments in their music.
songs that i admit - i sometimes "uncheck"on my itunes that bother me.
their song, "42" was an unchecked song as long as it's been on my itunes.
i just now "checked" it.
today i listened to it on my way home from work for the first time in ages.
i decided i wasn't scared of this song anymore.
i actually found it insightful.
it seems so simple, but it's actually rather profound.
i will listen to this song differently now.
i found "42" on youtube and someone had added their own touch to it.
with some simple editing and lyrics included. (although they could have proofread a little better.) 
it's almost humorous at some points.
anyway, it summed up how i now feel towards the song.