fall trends i've got my eye on...

i have a newfound equestrian-esque obsession, c/o urban.

faux fur, of course. ae

again ae. how equestrian of them.

i bought these today. if the rain keeps up, i will definitely need them.

sequin leggings are definitely a go.
gorg! express

this looks like something my great grandmother would have worn!
oddly enough, i am digging anthro's new pp's (online product presentation) with the mannequin.
 they must be having cutbacks - it's expensive to have a model in your pp.
i know too much about these sorts of things apparently...blame the day job and/or get over it.

how can you not love a little j.crew?


the focus: thigh high BOOTS

i would rename these after my cubemate at jcp - hira.
they remind me of her!

what an appropriate name for these red stunners.

i'd like these for my birthday. thank you.