is this the way i've always been...oh nooooo

Passion Pit - The Reeling from phantomcolor on Vimeo.

i've been listening to passion pit's "the reeling" on this nye.
awesome dance jam. an even cooler video.
it's very paper friendly.


you can do it.


kringle, kris

did you know it's good luck to keep a santa claus
up in your house all year long?
this little guy can be found on etsy.


one early Christmas gift

i bid and won on this beauty last weekend at art conspiracy.
isn't she wonderful?


rats beware!

when i was 8, it was my dream to be a ballerina.
my parents took me to see the nutcracker ballet in fort worth.
i was in pure heaven.
i haven't seen a ballet since.
until last night.
husband took me to see the nutcracker ballet at the gorgeous new winspear opera house.
we have watched this beautiful building being built over the last year.
it is gorgeous.

this piece is inside the opera house.
it doubles as lighting and as a retractable chandelier.
one minute it has expanded like in this picture. and the next minute,
it's just recessed lighting within the ceiling. amazing!

our seats were to be in the very top tier, since they were the cheap seats.  :)
when we arrived at will call, they said some filming was going on
in that tier, so they were trying to shuffle everyone in those seats elsewhere.
we got shuffled into the $100+ seats about 9 rows from the stage.
not too shabby!

the artwork on the backdrops was incredible.

during the dance between the prince and the snow queen, snow began to fall on stage.
as act ii closed, snow began to fall on us!

the costumes were made with such creativity and detail.

this guy is now an addition to our mantle and Christmas decor.

of course, i managed to get a snippet of film.
the lighting is a little eh, but you get the idea.
i have found myself enamored with the ballet yet again!

today is the last day to see the nutcracker at the winspear in dallas.
however, they are moving over to the beautiful bass hall in
downtown fort worth through Christmas Eve.