his 9 month journey

about 2 or 3 times a week, my dear sweet friend preeti
allowed me to film the profile of her baby bump for the duration of her pregnancy.
(i think she may have thought i was crazy at times!)
but the end result is this film.
it's a treasure to me as much as it is to her.
his 9 month journey from leah spencer on Vimeo.


year 28

my hubs is 28 today. happy birthday to the sweetest, most loving guy around!!!!
i just love him.
he doesn't read my blog, so i have put up my most favorite picture of him.
you may notice that girl is not me in the picture with him.
that is divo. aka christy, my bff.
this was taken almost 3 years ago at a NYE party.
he's just so happy in this picture and it makes me laugh every time i see it.
so much so, i have a copy in my car.
happy birthday TIMMY !!!!
you always make me smile.