would you like a spot of tea?

if there's one thing my mother has instilled in me...
it's a love of a cute teacup and a possibly cuter dishtowel to not dry them with.
yes. a dishtowel that is for looks only.
look no further than anthro, friends.
enjoy the show.


one fine day, this piece of leather will reside in my purse, as my wallet.

magnificently heartbreaking


they don't love you like i love you


light and dark
a bright spark
light and dark
and then, light
so i waited all day
what wouldn't i say?
and are there things in your way?
things happen that way
if i ever want proof
then i find it in you


a friend sent me this picture today.
one of my favorite song lyrics from dcfc.


how faboo are you?

i love these strong shoulders.

i've been wanting a band jacket for a while now.
this one belongs in my closet.
both from zara.


2010, in no particular order

eat red meat at least once a week.
add to the art collection.
wait 5 minutes before buying something.
see coldplay live.
attend church, starting 1/3/10.
do Y-O-G-A & PT.
be less critical.
keep filming it all...

'90s grunge like, forever

doc martens.
for me, i was in 8th grade when i got my first pair.
i lived in them.
and they are being spotted again.
i love when a trend comes back.
i wonder if my mom kept mine around........

selena gomez rocks the floral. super cute with the tights.

ashlee simpson-wentz wearing the classic black.

perez hilton in the black & white docs.