i  know it's been a while, but here are some pictures from the h-moon.
it was simply lovely.
first excursion
isla saona, republica dominicana.
we swam with starfish in the middle of the caribbean sea.
no big.
naughty banana = the drink i dream about every night.
newlywed or newborn vampire?
(red eyes.)
towel art.
here's the story: our original room flooded because the jackasses above
us left their jacuzzi running for over an hour after they got drunk and passed out.
so, the concierge moved us into a new room - but it was right next to the jackasses!
 once we realized that, we told the concierge the problem.
they moved us into the honeymoon suite for our last night!!!!
it was heaven.
we had a jacuzzi on the balcony and one inside!
it was bigger than our apartment.
he's so hot.
we had the best time.
already planning (in our heads) our next vacation.

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