i got the opportunity to help out my amazingly talented, beautiful, witty, compassionate and dear friend, amanda at dallas market on saturday. 
she is selling her first stationery line.
it is simply divine!
...and it is possibly coming to a cute shop/boutique near you!
dallas friends: talulah belle in lakewood will be carrying some of amanda's tart!
also lubbock friends: miss social butterfly will be carrying her stationery, as well.
here is a picture of amanda - i totally stole it off her facebook. it's from her wedding!

isn't she a doll?
while at market, i got to look around at some of the cool things...
one amazing thing amanda and i discovered was vintage hem.
it is the best idea -- ever.
check it out:
they are completely reasonably priced, too.
i plan on ordering one!
one more neat thing was papaya! 
very unique cards, art, magnets, journals.
super cool and different style.
amanda and i kept staring at their booth!

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