viva to the vegas! as i posted a couple weeks ago, my friend lydia got engaged. i received a las vegas postcard in the mail the other day from lydia asking me to be one of her bridesmaids. i was so honored! of course, i accepted and can't wait for the big day! t and i have never been to las vegas, so we can't wait. funny sidenote: i called my mom to tell her about the postcard (very creative, i must say, lyd!) and she was very impressed - she said, "I can't believe Lydia went to Vegas to send out those postcards!" i failed to mention she had probably just ordered the postcards...ha!


  1. haha! oh Suzy!
    I got one too, by the way! :)
    J and I are still in the discussion period since we just bought this house, but I have a feeling it will be a "yes". I have not be to vegas either, so it would be a BLAST to explore with ya!

  2. haha let suzy know it says Amarillo TX on the postage area! :)