and built you an empire

pier1. mirrored dresser. i love how timeless and neutral this is. i hope to have it in our bedroom shortly. we are struggling with a lack of closet space crisis and in
 dire need of a new dresser!

pier 1. matching nightstand. i'm starting to realize i'm not really into matchy/matchy furniture, so i probably won't buy this. but it's cute, regardless.
 on a completely different note, angels & airwaves is such a great band. if you haven't heard some of their music, i encourage you to check them out. the band was formed by tom delonge (of blink-182 fame) a few years ago. they sound nothing like blink-182. except you can tell it's tom. they are so good. one of my favourites is "breathe" which was played on the hills the other night. do yourself a favor and download some of their music.

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