platinum with a pop of yellow

as i've recently mentioned, we are moving soon.
as in saturday.
boo ya!
ok, so here are my ideas on our bedroom. i am really excited about decorating this new place.
actually, funnnnny sidenote. my parents were in town this weekend and we decided to go by
our new place to show them. my dad checked the side door and it happened to be unlocked.
and we happened to go inside.
i was worried about this one pale blue wall in our bedroom with the color scheme i am about to share.
but if you know me at all, i am not into being matchy matchy.
so bring it on pale blue wall.

 duvet + shams from west elm.

manly striped sheets for T. west elm, as well.

freaking amazing pillow with yellow rosettes!

cute pattern on the back. i already bought 2 of these. from target(!!!!!!!!)

and lastly, the trollsta from ikea. i showed this to my sis-in-law, lindsey 
and she said, "leah, only you would have yellow nightstands in your bedroom!"
haha this is true. but i love them. i may only get 1 as it is quite jarring.
or maybe 2.

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  1. That is going to be amazing. I LOVE platinum and yellow!