you thought you might be a ghost!

ok, so coldplay is probably my favorite band - ever.
i always love love love their music.
whether it's from parachutes or viva la vida.
however, they can have dark moments in their music.
songs that i admit - i sometimes "uncheck"on my itunes that bother me.
their song, "42" was an unchecked song as long as it's been on my itunes.
i just now "checked" it.
today i listened to it on my way home from work for the first time in ages.
i decided i wasn't scared of this song anymore.
i actually found it insightful.
it seems so simple, but it's actually rather profound.
i will listen to this song differently now.
i found "42" on youtube and someone had added their own touch to it.
with some simple editing and lyrics included. (although they could have proofread a little better.) 
it's almost humorous at some points.
anyway, it summed up how i now feel towards the song.

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