to all pet owners...

upon seeing this on postsecret this morning,
i burst into tears and could not stop crying.
i want my bubby to know - we would never 
leave you in that room all by yourself.
if you have a beloved pet, i know you must feel the same.


  1. omg it had the same effect on me..i cried like a baby!!! it's getting close to sara's time and i will stay in there with her now thanks to this post secret...

  2. yes i never knew this leah. thank you. because one is in such state of grievance, one might end up thinking about oneself and not wanting to witness the 'passing away' but now i realize how important it is to overcome the self and think of the leaving soul instead. i feel sad now.

  3. awww. I absolutely love this. Thank you to whoever posting this wonderful piece of heartache.