someone's trash will soon be my treasure

on our way to church this morning, i spotted these darling
 antique chairs in the trash pile of our parking garage.
how could someone throw these away!?
well, i am so glad they did.
i shall paint them.
and give them cute new cushions.
and they will live on my patio with the baby blue retro chairs.


  1. omg i love them!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i must tell you...i was antiquing today on route 66, seriously, some of the best antique shops ever...anyways, i saw some chairs quite reminiscent of these...$65 each.

    what a steal! :)

  3. that is amazing!
    update: i painted them this weekend and they are like new. i still need to get some cushions, then i will post the pics!

  4. Love love love love them! I can't wait to see them someday!