i am starting this book on saturday, en route to our honeymoon.
just hearing from other people who have read this, i'm thinking i may read it between our 2 flights and 1 layover alone. i also plan to buy the second one this week because i've heard i won't be able to stop! this excites me.


  1. a friend just gave me her copy and I plan to start also! I hear the movie is not nearly as good

  2. sandra just gave me her copy. ha. how funny. happy reading.

  3. wait until you read new moon.
    and eclipse.
    and breaking dawn.
    i have never met anyone who didn't like these books!
    cant wait to hear what you think!
    jess---the movie is still great! check it out after you finish the book. or before, ha ha! lyd

  4. i bought new moon yesterday!!!!