so the chair featured in this picture has become all i can think about. you know when you see something in a store you MUST MUST have? and if you don't buy it, it's all you can think about -- everyday -- all day long. well, maybe that's just me? i am almost positive it is from pier1 (but there is a possibility it is not) anyway, i have been looking ALLLLLL over the internet for this chair so i could post it on here. i even went to pier1 yesterday (ok, i was buying amanda some cute green birthday birds) but while there, i slyly took a picture with my phone so i could show my co-workers and t. in case you didn't know, pier1's website sucks big time. the chair is called "the vivian" and i plan to purchase it during our furniture overhaul -- which will be happening soon, i hope.


  1. I know that feeling all too well!

  2. im obsessed with that chair too-- do u think it will go on sale soon--its $400 right now--ugh is it purple or brown?

  3. it is maroon-ish in person!